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Jigs and Fixtures

Our team of highly skilled professionals is proficient in designing and manufacturing custom jigs and fixtures, which are engineered with precision to ensure consistency and accuracy in your manufacturing processes. By integrating these custom-designed jigs and fixtures with our precision die and mold manufacturing services, we can offer comprehensive manufacturing solutions for a wide range of applications, including stamping, forging, casting, and more. Our services aim to optimize your production processes, enhance your efficiency and productivity, and improve your product quality. 

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We specialize in manufacturing high-quality sheet metal components for various industries. Our manufacturing processes ensure that each component is made to the specific requirements of our customers and meets industry standards. We have the resources to produce a wide range of sheet metal components, including enclosures, chassis, panels, and more. Our fabrication services include laser cutting, bending, welding, and finishing. Whether you need a single prototype or high-volume production, Akash Stamping is committed to delivering products that help you succeed in your industry.

Precision Engineering

Our company specializes in precision engineering components for diverse industries, utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques and premium materials. Our innovative production processes ensure each component meets exacting standards and industry regulations. With our precision engineering services, we can create complex, high-tolerance components tailored to your specific needs. Our components are widely used in various applications, including aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. Contact us today to discover how our precision engineering solutions can benefit your business.

Dies and Molds

At Akash Stamping, we utilize advanced manufacturing techniques to produce dies of various shapes and sizes that are built to withstand the rigors of high-volume production. Our high-quality materials and precision engineering ensure that each die is manufactured to exacting standards, resulting in products of superior quality. Our precision die and mold manufacturing services cater to diverse applications, including stamping, forging, casting, and more. Trust us to deliver precision-engineered dies that guarantee the highest level of quality and consistency.

Our Services


Prototyping Products

We use advanced technologies to create accurate and detailed models of your product, allowing you to test and evaluate its design, functionality, and performance before proceeding with full-scale production.


Design Assistance

Our team of design professionals provides expert guidance and support throughout the design process to help you develop a high-quality, functional, and visually appealing product with amazing performance.


Quality Assurance

We use advanced testing and inspection techniques to ensure that your product meets the highest standards of quality, providing you with detailed feedback to help you improve its performance.

Adaptive Engineering Solutions

We’re committed to delivering effective, efficient, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly solutions that help our clients reduce their carbon footprint and operate ethically.

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